Postdoc position – Machine learning, computational neuroscience

The Abbasi Lab at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) invites applications for a fully-funded postdoctoral position at the intersection of machine learning and computational neuroscience. This is an opportunity to work on high-impact interdisciplinary problems funded by NIH, Sandler Foundation, and Weill Neurohub.

The project seeks to develop quantitative methods to analyze the population of neural recordings from the brain. The data includes volumes of 2-photon and 3-photon calcium imaging from tens of thousands of neurons in mouse primary visual cortex in response to various visual stimuli. Electron Microscopy from the same tissue provides the connectome profile of the neurons. This is a collaboration with Allen Institute for Brain Science. Another dataset includes electrophysiology recordings from the macaque visual cortex in response to the natural stimuli. This is a collaboration with UC Berkeley. The role of the candidate is to develop analysis and modeling frameworks to identify meaningful patterns in the data. This includes functional connectomics, population coding, receptive field coverage, and tiling and response reliability. The project involves interpretation inference, predictive modeling, artificial neural networks, visualization, etc.

We are looking for highly-motivated individuals with a strong quantitative background (PhD in computational neuroscience, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or related fields) and experienced in programming and data analysis. Previous background in neuroscience would be highly beneficial.

UCSF is part of the 10-campus University of California, the world’s premier public research university system, and the only of its campuses dedicated to graduate and professional education. UCSF Neurology has been consistently ranked among the top departments of neurology at US medical schools. The successful candidate will benefit from various clinical and basic science resources at UCSF including extensive learning and research support. As a part of the Weill Institute for Neuroscience, our laboratory is located on the Mission Bay campus providing access to the UCSF Neuroscience and Bioengineering communities including the Kavli Institute for Fundamental Neuroscience and Baker Computational Health Science Institute.

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Candidates should send their CV, research statement, expected date of availability, and the contact information for three references to